Application: Project and Job Costing 5.5A


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RotoID  Tables  Title  DLL  Compositions

PM0001  PMCOST  Cost Types  PMCOST 
PM0002  PMSTAFF  Employee  PMSTAFF  PM0479, PM0511
PM0003  PMOPT  Options  PMOPT  PM0019, PM0020
PM0006  PMPROJ  Project Code  PMPROJ  PM0509
PM0011  PMSTRUC  Contract Structures  PMSTRUC 
PM0013  PMSEG  Segments  PMSEG 
PM0014  PMSEGV  Segment Codes  PMSEGV 
PM0017  PMACCT  Account Sets  PMACCT 
PM0018  PMCTG  Categories  PMCTG  PM0475, PM0510
PM0019  PMOPT2  Options  PMOPT2 
PM0020  PMOPT3  Options  PMOPT3 
^4  PMCONTS  PM0022, PM0039, PM0120, PM0121, PM0850
^5  PMPROJS  PM0021, PM0039, PM0120, PM0121, PM0851
PM0023  PMCHARG  Charge Codes  PMCHARG  PM0478, PM0516
PM0025  PMEQMT  Equipment  PMEQMT  PM0476, PM0512
PM0026  PMSUBCN  Subcontractors  PMSUBCN  PM0477, PM0515
PM0028  PMMIEXP  Miscellaneous Expenses  PMMIEXP  PM0480, PM0513
PM0029  PMOHEXP  Overhead Codes  PMOHEXP  PM0481, PM0514
PM0030  PMEQIPH  Equipment  PMEQIPH  PM0031, PM0505
PM0031  PMEQIPD  Equipment Detail  PMEQIPD  PM0030, PM0506
PM0032  PMEQPHA  Equipment Audit  PMEQIPHA 
PM0033  PMEQPDA  Equipment Audit Detail  PMEQIPDA 
PM0034  PMOPT4  Options  PMOPT4 
PM0039  PMCATGT  ^1 ^6  PMCATGT  PM0022, PM0021, PM0852
PM0040  PMTIMEH  Timecard  PMTIMEH  PM0041, PM0113, PM0115, PM0532
PM0041  PMTIMED  Timecard Time Detail  PMTIMED  PM0040, PM0115, PM0531
PM0042  PMTIMHA  Timecard Audit  PMTIMHA 
PM0043  PMTIMDA  Timecard Time Detail Audit  PMTIMDA 
PM0046  PMMATRH  Material Returns  PMMATRH  PM0047, PM0536
PM0047  PMMATRD  Material Returns Detail  PMMATRD  PM0046, PM0535
PM0050  PMMATH  Material Usage  PMMATH  PM0051, PM0538
PM0051  PMMATD  Material Usage Detail  PMMATD  PM0050, PM0537
PM0054  PMCHRGH  Charges  PMCHRGH  PM0055, PM0524
PM0055  PMCHRGD  Charges Detail  PMCHRGD  PM0054, PM0523
PM0056  PMCHGHA  Charges Audit  PMCHGHA 
PM0057  PMCHGDA  Charges Audit Detail  PMCHGDA 
PM0058  PMCHNGH  Revise Estimates  PMCHNGH  PM0059
PM0059  PMCHNGD  Revise Estimates Detail  PMCHNGD  PM0058, PM0550
PM0060  PMCHNHA  Revise Estimates Audit  PMCHNGHA 
PM0061  PMCHNDA  Revise Estimates Audit Detail  PMCHNGDA 
PM0062  PMADJH  Adjustments  PMADJH  PM0063, PM0528
PM0063  PMADJD  Adjustments Detail  PMADJD  PM0062, PM0527
PM0064  PMADJHA  Adjustments Audit  PMADJHA 
PM0065  PMADJDA  Adjustments Audit Detail  PMADJDA 
PM0080  Create Billing Worksheet Superview  PMBWS 
PM0081  PMBWH  Billing Worksheet  PMBWH  PM0083, PM0082, PM0542
PM0082  PMBWD  Billing Worksheet Detail  PMBWD  PM0081, PM0083, PM0544
PM0083  PMBWC  Billing Worksheet Customer  PMBWC  PM0081, PM0082
PM0084  Post Billing Worksheet  PMBWP 
PM0090  Generate Rev. Rec. Worksheet  PMRWGEN 
PM0091  PMRWH  Revenue Recognition Worksheet  PMRWH  PM0092, PM0094
PM0092  PMRWD  RR Worksheet Detail  PMRWD  PM0091, PM0094, PM0546
PM0094  PMRWDD  RR Worksheet Accounts  PMRWDD  PM0092, PM0091
PM0095  PMRWHA  RR Worksheet Header Audit  PMRWHA 
PM0096  PMRWDA  RR Worksheet Detail Audit  PMRWDA 
PM0097  PMRWDDA  RR Worksheet Accounts Audit  PMRWDDA 
PM0111  PMTRAN  ^1 Transactions  PMTRAN  PM0854
PM0113  PMTIMEE  Timecard Expense Detail  PMTIMEE  PM0040, PM0539
PM0114  PMTIMEA  Timecard Expense Detail Audit  PMTIMEA 
PM0115  PMTIMET  Timecard Time Totals  PMTIMET  PM0040, PM0041
PM0116  Update Payroll  PMTCTFR 
PM0117  PMTIMTA  Timecard Time Audit  PMTIMTA 
PM0120  PMRES  ^1 Resources  PMRES  PM0022, PM0021, PM0039, PM0121, PM0853
PM0121  PMRESC  ^1 Resource ^6  PMRESC  PM0022, PM0021, PM0039, PM0120
PM0122  PMBUDD  Budget Detail  PMBUDD  PM0123, PM0124
PM0123  PMBUDH  Budget Header  PMBUDH  PM0122
PM0124  Budget Lookup  PMBUDL  PM0122
PM0125  Update Budget Superview  PMBUDS 
PM0126  PMBUDA  Budget Audit  PMBUDA 
PM0130  PMPERR  Posting Errors  PMPERR 
PM0135  Clear History  PMCHIST 
PM0200  Generate Reopen Worksheet  PMROGEN 
PM0201  PMROH  Reopening Projects Worksheet  PMROH  PM0202, PM0204
PM0202  PMROD  Reopen Worksheet Detail  PMROD  PM0201, PM0204, PM0203
PM0203  PMRODO  Reopen Detail Optional Field  PMRODO  PM0202
PM0204  PMRODD  Reopen Worksheet Accounts  PMRODD  PM0202, PM0201
PM0205  PMROHA  Reopen Worksheet Header Audit  PMROHA 
PM0206  PMRODA  Reopen Worksheet Detail Audit  PMRODA 
PM0207  PMRODOA  Reopen Detail OF Audit  PMRODOA 
PM0208  PMRODDA  Reopen Worksheet Accounts Audit  PMRODDA 
PM0209  PMCLOSE  G/L Closing Entries  PMCLOSE 
PM0300  Project and Job Costing Activat  PMINIT 
PM0301  PMAR  A/R Superview  PMAR  PM0521
PM0302  PMAP  A/P Superview  PMAP  PM0520
PM0304  PMIC  IC Superview  PMIC  PM0541
PM0305  PMPO  P/O Superview  PMPO  PM0522
PM0320  PMCOCA  Committed Costs Audit  PMCOCA 
PM0400  Users  PMUSER 
PM0401  PMOBH  Opening Balances  PMOBH  PM0402
PM0402  PMOBD  Opening Balances Detail  PMOBD  PM0401
PM0403  PMOBHA  Opening Balances Audit  PMOBHA 
PM0404  PMOBDA  Opening Balances Audit Detail  PMOBDA 
PM0410  PMURD  Update Retainage Detail  PMURD  PM0412
PM0411  PMURDA  Update Retainage Detail Audit  PMURDA 
PM0412  PMURH  Update Retainage  PMURH  PM0410
PM0413  PMURHA  Update Retainage Audit  PMURHA 
PM0420  PMCEH  Cost Entries Header  PMCEH  PM0422, PM0421
PM0421  PMCEHO  Cost Entries Optional Field  PMCEHO  PM0420
PM0422  PMCED  Cost Entries Detail  PMCED  PM0420, PM0423
PM0423  PMCEDO  Cost Entries Detail Optional Field  PMCEDO  PM0422
PM0424  PMCEHA  Cost Entries Audit  PMCEHA 
PM0425  PMCEHAO  Cost Entries Audit Optional Fld  PMCEHAO 
PM0426  PMCEDA  Cost Entries Detail Audit  PMCEDA 
PM0427  PMCEDAO  Cost Entries Detail Audit Opt.  PMCEDAO 
PM0450  PMCP  Canadian Payroll Superview  PMCP  PM0452
PM0451  PMUP  US Payroll Superview  PMUP  PM0453
PM0452  PMCPO  C/P Optional Field  PMCPO  PM0450
PM0453  PMUPO  U/P Optional Field  PMUPO  PM0451
PM0460  PMMTAH  Material Allocation  PMMTAH  PM0461, PM0462
PM0461  PMMTAD  Material Allocation Detail  PMMTAD  PM0460, PM0463
PM0462  PMMTAHO  Material Allocation Optional  PMMTAHO  PM0460
PM0463  PMMTADO  Material Allocation Dtl Optional  PMMTADO  PM0461
PM0464  PMMTAHA  Material Allocation  PMMTAHA 
PM0465  PMMTADA  Material Allocation Detail  PMMTADA 
PM0466  PMMTAHAO  Material Allocation Optional Field  PMMTAHAO 
PM0467  PMMTADAO  Material Allocation Detail Optional Field  PMMTADAO 
PM0468    PMAIAS 
PM0469  PMAIAT  AIA Report Temporary File  PMAIAT 
PM0472  PMAIAST  AIA Superview Temporary File  PMAIAST 
PM0473  PMOE  O/E Superview  PMOE  PM0474
PM0474  PMOEO  O/E Optional Field  PMOEO  PM0473
PM0475  PMCTGD  Categories Detail View  PMCTGD  PM0018
PM0476  PMEQMTD  Equipment Detail View  PMEQMTD  PM0025
PM0477  PMSUBCND  Subcontractors Detail View  PMSUBCND  PM0026
PM0478  PMCHARGD  Charge Codes Detail View  PMCHARGD  PM0023
PM0479  PMSTAFFD  Employee Detail View  PMSTAFFD  PM0002
PM0480  PMMIEXPD  Misc. Expenses Detail View  PMMIEXPD  PM0028
PM0481  PMOHEXPD  Overhead Expenses Detail View  PMOHEXPD  PM0029
PM0482  Super View  PMCPRJ 
PM0500  PMOFD  Optional Fields Detail  PMOFD  PM0501
PM0501  PMOFH  Optional Fields Header  PMOFH  PM0500
PM0502  Optional Fields Superview  PMOFCMD 
PM0505  PMEQHO  Equipment Optional Field  PMEQHO  PM0030
PM0506  PMEQDO  Equipment Detail Optional Field  PMEQDO  PM0031
PM0507  PMEQHAO  Equipment Audit Optional Field  PMEQHAO 
PM0508  PMEQDAO  Equipment Audit Detail OF  PMEQDAO 
PM0509  PMPROJO  Project Optional Fields  PMPROJO  PM0006
PM0510  PMCTGO  Category Optional Fields  PMCTGO  PM0018
PM0511  PMSTAFFO  Employee Optional Fields  PMSTAFFO  PM0002
PM0512  PMEQMTO  Equipment Optional Fields  PMEQMTO  PM0025
PM0513  PMMIEXPO  Miscellaneous Expenses Optional Fields  PMMIEXPO  PM0028
PM0514  PMOHEXPO  Overhead Optional Fields  PMOHEXPO  PM0029
PM0515  PMSUBCNO  Subcontractor Optional Fields  PMSUBCNO  PM0026
PM0516  PMCHARGO  Charges Optional Field  PMCHARGO  PM0023
PM0520  PMAPO  A/P Optional Field  PMAPO  PM0302
PM0521  PMARO  A/R Optional Field  PMARO  PM0301
PM0522  PMPOO  P/O Optional Field  PMPOO  PM0305
PM0523  PMCHGDO  Charges Detail Optional Field  PMCHGDO  PM0055
PM0524  PMCHGHO  Charges Optional Field  PMCHGHO  PM0054
PM0525  PMCHGDAO  Charges Audit Detail Opt. Field  PMCHGDAO 
PM0526  PMCHGHAO  Charges Audit Optional Field  PMCHGHAO 
PM0527  PMADJDO  Adjustment Detail Optional Field  PMADJDO  PM0063
PM0528  PMADJHO  Adjustment Optional Field  PMADJHO  PM0062
PM0529  PMADJDAO  Adjustment Audit Detail OF  PMADJDAO 
PM0530  PMADJHAO  Adjustment Audit Optional Field  PMADJHAO 
PM0531  PMTIMDO  Timecard Detail Optional Field  PMTIMDO  PM0041
PM0532  PMTIMHO  Timecard Optional Field  PMTIMHO  PM0040
PM0533  PMTIMDAO  Timecard Audit Detail OF  PMTIMDAO 
PM0534  PMTIMHAO  Timecard Audit Optional Field  PMTIMHAO 
PM0535  PMMATRDO  Material Return Detail Opt. Fld  PMMATRDO  PM0047
PM0536  PMMATRHO  Material Return Optional Field  PMMATRHO  PM0046
PM0537  PMMATDO  Material Usage Detail Opt. Field  PMMATDO  PM0051
PM0538  PMMATHO  Material Usage Optional Field  PMMATHO  PM0050
PM0539  PMTIMEO  Timecard Expense Optional Field  PMTIMEO  PM0113
PM0540  PMTIMEAO  Timecard Audit Expense OF  PMTIMEAO 
PM0541  PMICO  I/C Optional Field  PMICO  PM0304
PM0542  PMBWHO  Billing Optional Field  PMBWHO  PM0081
PM0544  PMBWDO  Billing Detail Optional Field  PMBWDO  PM0082
PM0546  PMRWDO  RR Detail Optional Field  PMRWDO  PM0092
PM0547  PMRWDAO  RR Detail OF Audit  PMRWDAO 
PM0550  PMREVDO  Revise Estimates Detail Opt. Fld  PMREVDO  PM0059
PM0551  PMREVDAO  Revise Estimates Audit Detail OF  PMREVDAO 
PM0552  Revise Estimates Wizard  PMREVW  PM0058, PM0059
PM0600  PMGLIT  G/L Integration  PMGLIT 
PM0801  Payroll Earnings  PMPEARN 
PM0802  Payroll Expenses  PMPEXP 
PM0850  PMCONO  Contract Optional Field  PMCONO  PM0021
PM0851  PMPROJSO  Project Optional Field  PMPROJSO  PM0022
PM0852  PMCATGTO  Category Optional Field  PMCATGTO  PM0039
PM0853  PMRESO  Resource Optional Field  PMRESO  PM0120
PM0854  PMTRANO  Transaction Optional Field  PMTRANO  PM0111
PM0900  Transaction Posting  PMTRPST 
PM0910  Create G/L Batch  PMGLTR 
PM0993  Tree View Support  PMTREE 
PM0994  New ^1 Wizard  PMCWIZ  PM0021, PM0022, PM0039, PM0120, PM0121
PM0995  ^1 Transactions  PMTRANS 
PM0996  Subledger Support  PMSUP 
PM0997  Drilldown View  PMDLDN 
PM0998  Resource State Inquiry  PMSRES 
PM0999  Integrity Check  PMINTCK 

Tables: 167

Table  RotoID  Title

PMACCT  PM0017  Account Sets
PMADJD  PM0063  Adjustments Detail
PMADJDA  PM0065  Adjustments Audit Detail
PMADJDAO  PM0529  Adjustment Audit Detail OF
PMADJDO  PM0527  Adjustment Detail Optional Field
PMADJH  PM0062  Adjustments
PMADJHA  PM0064  Adjustments Audit
PMADJHAO  PM0530  Adjustment Audit Optional Field
PMADJHO  PM0528  Adjustment Optional Field
PMAIAST  PM0472  AIA Superview Temporary File
PMAIAT  PM0469  AIA Report Temporary File
PMAP  PM0302  A/P Superview
PMAPO  PM0520  A/P Optional Field
PMAR  PM0301  A/R Superview
PMARO  PM0521  A/R Optional Field
PMBUDA  PM0126  Budget Audit
PMBUDD  PM0122  Budget Detail
PMBUDH  PM0123  Budget Header
PMBWC  PM0083  Billing Worksheet Customer
PMBWD  PM0082  Billing Worksheet Detail
PMBWDO  PM0544  Billing Detail Optional Field
PMBWH  PM0081  Billing Worksheet
PMBWHO  PM0542  Billing Optional Field
PMCATGT  PM0039  ^1 ^6
PMCATGTO  PM0852  Category Optional Field
PMCED  PM0422  Cost Entries Detail
PMCEDA  PM0426  Cost Entries Detail Audit
PMCEDAO  PM0427  Cost Entries Detail Audit Opt.
PMCEDO  PM0423  Cost Entries Detail Optional Field
PMCEH  PM0420  Cost Entries Header
PMCEHA  PM0424  Cost Entries Audit
PMCEHAO  PM0425  Cost Entries Audit Optional Fld
PMCEHO  PM0421  Cost Entries Optional Field
PMCHARG  PM0023  Charge Codes
PMCHARGD  PM0478  Charge Codes Detail View
PMCHARGO  PM0516  Charges Optional Field
PMCHGDA  PM0057  Charges Audit Detail
PMCHGDAO  PM0525  Charges Audit Detail Opt. Field
PMCHGDO  PM0523  Charges Detail Optional Field
PMCHGHA  PM0056  Charges Audit
PMCHGHAO  PM0526  Charges Audit Optional Field
PMCHGHO  PM0524  Charges Optional Field
PMCHNDA  PM0061  Revise Estimates Audit Detail
PMCHNGD  PM0059  Revise Estimates Detail
PMCHNGH  PM0058  Revise Estimates
PMCHNHA  PM0060  Revise Estimates Audit
PMCHRGD  PM0055  Charges Detail
PMCHRGH  PM0054  Charges
PMCLOSE  PM0209  G/L Closing Entries
PMCOCA  PM0320  Committed Costs Audit
PMCONO  PM0850  Contract Optional Field
PMCONTS  PM0021  ^4
PMCONTT  PM0021  ^4
PMCOST  PM0001  Cost Types
PMCP  PM0450  Canadian Payroll Superview
PMCPO  PM0452  C/P Optional Field
PMCTG  PM0018  Categories
PMCTGD  PM0475  Categories Detail View
PMCTGO  PM0510  Category Optional Fields
PMEQDAO  PM0508  Equipment Audit Detail OF
PMEQDO  PM0506  Equipment Detail Optional Field
PMEQHAO  PM0507  Equipment Audit Optional Field
PMEQHO  PM0505  Equipment Optional Field
PMEQIPD  PM0031  Equipment Detail
PMEQIPH  PM0030  Equipment
PMEQMT  PM0025  Equipment
PMEQMTD  PM0476  Equipment Detail View
PMEQMTO  PM0512  Equipment Optional Fields
PMEQPDA  PM0033  Equipment Audit Detail
PMEQPHA  PM0032  Equipment Audit
PMGLIT  PM0600  G/L Integration
PMIC  PM0304  IC Superview
PMICO  PM0541  I/C Optional Field
PMMATD  PM0051  Material Usage Detail
PMMATDO  PM0537  Material Usage Detail Opt. Field
PMMATH  PM0050  Material Usage
PMMATHO  PM0538  Material Usage Optional Field
PMMATRD  PM0047  Material Returns Detail
PMMATRDO  PM0535  Material Return Detail Opt. Fld
PMMATRH  PM0046  Material Returns
PMMATRHO  PM0536  Material Return Optional Field
PMMIEXP  PM0028  Miscellaneous Expenses
PMMIEXPD  PM0480  Misc. Expenses Detail View
PMMIEXPO  PM0513  Miscellaneous Expenses Optional Fields
PMMTAD  PM0461  Material Allocation Detail
PMMTADA  PM0465  Material Allocation Detail
PMMTADAO  PM0467  Material Allocation Detail Optional Field
PMMTADO  PM0463  Material Allocation Dtl Optional
PMMTAH  PM0460  Material Allocation
PMMTAHA  PM0464  Material Allocation
PMMTAHAO  PM0466  Material Allocation Optional Field
PMMTAHO  PM0462  Material Allocation Optional
PMOBD  PM0402  Opening Balances Detail
PMOBDA  PM0404  Opening Balances Audit Detail
PMOBH  PM0401  Opening Balances
PMOBHA  PM0403  Opening Balances Audit
PMOE  PM0473  O/E Superview
PMOEO  PM0474  O/E Optional Field
PMOFD  PM0500  Optional Fields Detail
PMOFH  PM0501  Optional Fields Header
PMOHEXP  PM0029  Overhead Codes
PMOHEXPD  PM0481  Overhead Expenses Detail View
PMOHEXPO  PM0514  Overhead Optional Fields
PMOPT  PM0003  Options
PMOPT2  PM0003  Options
PMOPT3  PM0003  Options
PMOPT4  PM0003  Options
PMPERR  PM0130  Posting Errors
PMPO  PM0305  P/O Superview
PMPOO  PM0522  P/O Optional Field
PMPROJ  PM0006  Project Code
PMPROJO  PM0509  Project Optional Fields
PMPROJS  PM0022  ^5
PMPROJSO  PM0851  Project Optional Field
PMPROJT  PM0022  ^5
PMRES  PM0120  ^1 Resources
PMRESC  PM0121  ^1 Resource ^6
PMRESO  PM0853  Resource Optional Field
PMREVDAO  PM0551  Revise Estimates Audit Detail OF
PMREVDO  PM0550  Revise Estimates Detail Opt. Fld
PMROD  PM0202  Reopen Worksheet Detail
PMRODA  PM0206  Reopen Worksheet Detail Audit
PMRODD  PM0204  Reopen Worksheet Accounts
PMRODDA  PM0208  Reopen Worksheet Accounts Audit
PMRODO  PM0203  Reopen Detail Optional Field
PMRODOA  PM0207  Reopen Detail OF Audit
PMROH  PM0201  Reopening Projects Worksheet
PMROHA  PM0205  Reopen Worksheet Header Audit
PMRWD  PM0092  RR Worksheet Detail
PMRWDA  PM0096  RR Worksheet Detail Audit
PMRWDAO  PM0547  RR Detail OF Audit
PMRWDD  PM0094  RR Worksheet Accounts
PMRWDDA  PM0097  RR Worksheet Accounts Audit
PMRWDO  PM0546  RR Detail Optional Field
PMRWH  PM0091  Revenue Recognition Worksheet
PMRWHA  PM0095  RR Worksheet Header Audit
PMSEG  PM0013  Segments
PMSEGV  PM0014  Segment Codes
PMSTAFF  PM0002  Employee
PMSTAFFD  PM0479  Employee Detail View
PMSTAFFO  PM0511  Employee Optional Fields
PMSTRUC  PM0011  Contract Structures
PMSUBCN  PM0026  Subcontractors
PMSUBCND  PM0477  Subcontractors Detail View
PMSUBCNO  PM0515  Subcontractor Optional Fields
PMTIMDA  PM0043  Timecard Time Detail Audit
PMTIMDAO  PM0533  Timecard Audit Detail OF
PMTIMDO  PM0531  Timecard Detail Optional Field
PMTIMEA  PM0114  Timecard Expense Detail Audit
PMTIMEAO  PM0540  Timecard Audit Expense OF
PMTIMED  PM0041  Timecard Time Detail
PMTIMEE  PM0113  Timecard Expense Detail
PMTIMEH  PM0040  Timecard
PMTIMEO  PM0539  Timecard Expense Optional Field
PMTIMET  PM0115  Timecard Time Totals
PMTIMHA  PM0042  Timecard Audit
PMTIMHAO  PM0534  Timecard Audit Optional Field
PMTIMHO  PM0532  Timecard Optional Field
PMTIMTA  PM0117  Timecard Time Audit
PMTRAN  PM0111  ^1 Transactions
PMTRANO  PM0854  Transaction Optional Field
PMUP  PM0451  US Payroll Superview
PMUPO  PM0453  U/P Optional Field
PMURD  PM0410  Update Retainage Detail
PMURDA  PM0411  Update Retainage Detail Audit
PMURH  PM0412  Update Retainage
PMURHA  PM0413  Update Retainage Audit

Objects: 48

Object  Protocol  Views

PMADJ  SEQ3  PM0062, PM0063, PM0064, PM0065
PMADJ  SEQ3  PM0062, PM0063, PM0528, PM0527
PMBUD  SEQ2  PM0123, PM0122, PM0124
PMBW  SEQ4  PM0081, PM0082, PM0083, PM0542, PM0544
PMCE  SEQ3  PM0420, PM0422, PM0421, PM0423
PMCHARG  ORD2  PM0023, PM0478, PM0516
PMCHARGE  SEQ3  PM0054, PM0055, PM0524, PM0523
PMCONT  SEQ8  PM0021, PM0022, PM0039, PM0120, PM0121, PM0850, PM0851, PM0852, PM0853
PMCTG  ORD2  PM0018, PM0475, PM0510
PMEQMT  ORD2  PM0025, PM0476, PM0512
PMEQUIP  SEQ3  PM0030, PM0031, PM0505, PM0506
PMMAT  SEQ3  PM0050, PM0051, PM0538, PM0537
PMMATR  SEQ3  PM0046, PM0047, PM0536, PM0535
PMMIEXP  ORD2  PM0028, PM0480, PM0513
PMMTA  SEQ3  PM0460, PM0461, PM0462, PM0463
PMOHEXP  ORD2  PM0029, PM0481, PM0514
PMREOPEN  SEQ3  PM0201, PM0202, PM0204, PM0203
PMREVEST  SEQ2  PM0058, PM0059, PM0550
PMREVREC  SEQ3  PM0091, PM0092, PM0094, PM0546
PMSTAFF  ORD2  PM0002, PM0479, PM0511
PMSUBCON  ORD2  PM0026, PM0477, PM0515
PMTIME  SEQ6  PM0040, PM0041, PM0113, PM0115, PM0531, PM0532, PM0539

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