Application: Order Entry 5.5A


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RotoID  Tables  Title  DLL  Compositions

OE0100  OEAUDD  Posting Journals - Details  OEAUDD  OE0120, OE0110, OE0105
OE0105  OEAUDDD  Posting Journals - Detail-Details  OEAUDDD  OE0100
OE0110  OEAUDDP  Posting Jnls Detail Opt. Fields  OEAUDDP  OE0100
OE0120  OEAUDH  Posting Journals  OEAUDH  OE0100, OE0123
OE0123  OEAUDHP  Posting Journals Optional Fields  OEAUDHP  OE0120
OE0130  Clear History  OECH 
OE0140  OECOINC  Crd/Dbn Comments/Instructions  OECOINC  OE0240
OE0160  OECOINI  Invoice Comments/Instructions  OECOINI  OE0420
OE0180  OECOINO  Order Comments/Instructions  OECOINO  OE0520, OE0500
OE0190  OECOINS  Shipment Comments/Instructions  OECOINS  OE0692, OE0691
OE0194  Currency Order Inquiry  OECOIY 
OE0200  OECOMM  Commissions  OECOMM 
OE0210    OECONV 
OE0220  OECRDD  Credit/Debit Details  OECRDD  OE0240, OE0221, OE0223, OE0222
OE0221  OECRDDO  Credit/Debit Detail Opt. Fields  OECRDDO  OE0220
OE0222  OECRDDD  Credit/Debit Kitting Details  OECRDDD  OE0220, OE0224
OE0223  OECRDDB  Credit/Debit BOM Details  OECRDDB  OE0220
OE0224  OECRDDDS  Credit/Debit Kitting Serial Nos  OECRDDDS  OE0222
OE0240  OECRDH  Credit/Debit Notes  OECRDH  OE0220, OE0640, OE0140, OE0242
OE0242  OECRDHO  Credit/Debit Note Opt. Fields  OECRDHO  OE0240
OE0250  Credit Note Processing  OECRDP  OE0240, OE0220
OE0260  O/E Posting  OEDEND 
OE0265  OE Drill Down  OEDLDN 
OE0270  Flag Printed Records  OEFLAG 
OE0271  Create Batch  OEGLTR 
OE0272  OEGLREF  G/L Reference Integration  OEGLREF 
OE0273  Shipment Comments/Instructions  OEICOIS  OE0434, OE0190
OE0275  Order Entry Activation  OEINIT 
OE0278  OEINPP  Invoice Prepayments  OEINPP 
OE0280  Integrity Checker  OEINTCK 
OE0400  OEINVD  Invoice Details  OEINVD  OE0420, OE0401, OE0403, OE0402
OE0401  OEINVDO  Invoice Detail Optional Fields  OEINVDO  OE0400
OE0402  OEINVDD  Invoice Kitting Details  OEINVDD  OE0400, OE0404
OE0403  OEINVDB  Invoice BOM Details  OEINVDB  OE0400
OE0404  OEINVDDS  Invoice Kitting Serial Numbers  OEINVDDS  OE0402
OE0420  OEINVH  Invoices  OEINVH  OE0400, OE0660, OE0160, OE0720, OE0427, OE0422
OE0422  OEINVHO  Invoice Optional Fields  OEINVHO  OE0420
OE0425  Invoice Processing  OEINVP  OE0420, OE0400, OE0720, OE0160, OE0660, OE0427, OE0422, OE0401, OE0403, OE0402, OE0404
OE0427  OEINVR  Multiple Shipments to Invoice  OEINVR  OE0420
OE0429  Shipment Serial Numbers  OEISELS  OE0434, OE0682
OE0431  Shipment Detail Optional Fields  OEISHDO  OE0433, OE0702
OE0432  Shipment Optional Fields  OEISHHO  OE0434, OE0704
OE0433  Shipment Details  OEISHID  OE0434, OE0691, OE0431
OE0434  Shipments  OEISHIH  OE0433, OE0429, OE0273, OE0432
OE0440  OEMISC  Miscellaneous Charges  OEMISC  OE0460, OE0450
OE0450  OEMISCO  Misc. Charge Optional Fields  OEMISCO  OE0440
OE0460  OEMISCT  Miscellaneous Charge Taxes  OEMISCT  OE0440
OE0465  OEMSG  E-mail Messages  OEMSG 
OE0468  OE Optional Field Callbacks  OEOFCMD 
OE0470  OEOFD  Optional Fields  OEOFD  OE0475
OE0475  OEOFH  Optional Field Locations  OEOFH  OE0470
OE0480  OEOPT  Options  OEOPT 
OE0490  Create Order from Existing Orders  OEORDC  OE0520, OE0500, OE0740, OE0180, OE0680, OE0526, OE0522, OE0501, OE0503, OE0502, OE0520, OE0500, OE0740, OE0180, OE0680, OE0526, OE0522, OE0501, OE0503, OE0502
OE0500  OEORDD  Order Details  OEORDD  OE0520, OE0501, OE0503, OE0502
OE0501  OEORDDO  Order Detail Optional Fields  OEORDDO  OE0500
OE0502  OEORDDD  Order Kitting Details  OEORDDD  OE0500, OE0504
OE0503  OEORDDB  Order BOM Details  OEORDDB  OE0500
OE0504  OEORDDDS  Order Kitting Serial Numbers  OEORDDDS  OE0502
OE0505  Pending Shipment Details  OEORDDI 
Orders  OEORDH  OE0500, OE0680, OE0180, OE0740, OE0526, OE0522
OE0521  Pending Shipments  OEORDHI 
OE0522  OEORDHO  Order Optional Fields  OEORDHO  OE0520
OE0525  Order Processing  OEORDP  OE0520, OE0500, OE0740, OE0180, OE0680, OE0526, OE0522, OE0501, OE0503, OE0502, OE0504, TX0910, TX0910, AR0016, AR0017
OE0526  OEORDQ  Order from Quotes  OEORDQ  OE0520
OE0530  OEORPP  Order Prepayments  OEORPP 
OE0533  Order to Shipment Drilldown  OEORSH 
OE0538  Customer Pending Amounts  OEPEND 
OE0540  OEPLAT  Templates  OEPLAT 
OE0550  Job Resource Validation  OEPMRES 
OE0560  O/E Credit Note Posting  OEPOSTC  AR0031, AR0032, AR0033, AR0034, AR0402, AR0401, GP0950
OE0580  O/E Invoice Posting  OEPOSTI  AR0031, AR0032, AR0033, AR0034, GP0950, AR0402, AR0401
OE0600  O/E Order Posting  OEPOSTO 
OE0605  O/E Shipment Posting  OEPOSTS  GP0950
OE0620  OEPPRE  Posted Prepayments  OEPPRE  OE0520, OE0420, OE0692
OE0622  OEPPRED  Posting Journals - Details  OEPPRED 
OE0630  Item Pricing  OEPRIC 
OE0633  Report Services  OERPTS 
OE0635  OESAP  Salespersons  OESAPV 
OE0640  OESELC  Credit/Debit Serial Numbers  OESELC  OE0240
OE0660  OESELI  Invoice Serial Numbers  OESELI  OE0420
OE0680  OESELO  Order Serial Numbers  OESELO  OE0520, OE0500
OE0682  OESELS  Shipment Serial Numbers  OESELS  OE0692, OE0691
OE0683  OESHCD  Shipment Cost-To-Clear Details  OESHCD  OE0684, OE0688
OE0684  OESHCH  Shipment Cost-To-Clear  OESHCH  OE0683
OE0685  OESHDT  Sales History Details  OESHDT 
OE0688  OESHCDD  Shipment Cost-To-Clear Details of Details  OESHCDD  OE0683
OE0690  OESHHD  Sales History  OESHHD 
OE0691  OESHID  Shipment Details  OESHID  OE0692, OE0697, OE0702, OE0705, OE0703
OE0692  OESHIH  Shipments  OESHIH  OE0691, OE0682, OE0190, OE0745, OE0694, OE0704
OE0693  Shipment Processing  OESHIP  OE0692, OE0691, OE0745, OE0190, OE0682, OE0694, OE0704, OE0702, OE0705, OE0703, OE0706
OE0694  OESHIR  Multiple Orders to Shipment  OESHIR  OE0692
OE0695  SalesPerson History Details  OESHSI 
OE0697  OESHTD  Shipment Day End Details  OESHTD  OE0698, OE0699
OE0698  OESHTH  Shipments Day End  OESHTH  OE0697
OE0699  OESHTDD  Shipment Day End Details of Details  OESHTDD  OE0697
OE0700  OESTATS  Sales Statistics  OESTATS 
OE0702  OESHIDO  Shipment Detail Optional Fields  OESHIDO  OE0691
OE0703  OESHIDD  Shipment Kitting Details  OESHIDD  OE0691, OE0706, OE0699
OE0704  OESHIHO  Shipment Optional Fields  OESHIHO  OE0692
OE0705  OESHIDB  Shipment BOM Details  OESHIDB  OE0691
OE0706  OESHIDDS  Shipment Kitting Serial Numbers  OESHIDDS  OE0703
OE0710  OESHPP  Shipment Prepayments  OESHPP 
OE0720  OETERMI  Invoice Payment Schedules  OETERMI  OE0420
OE0740  OETERMO  Order Payment Schedules  OETERMO  OE0520
OE0745  OETERMS  Shipment Payment Schedules  OETERMS  OE0692
OE0750    OETXCVT 
OE0755  Order Entry Activation  OEUPGD 
OE0760  OEVIA  Ship-Via Codes  OEVIA 

Tables: 73

Table  RotoID  Title

OEAUDD  OE0100  Posting Journals - Details
OEAUDDD  OE0105  Posting Journals - Detail-Details
OEAUDDP  OE0110  Posting Jnls Detail Opt. Fields
OEAUDH  OE0120  Posting Journals
OEAUDHP  OE0123  Posting Journals Optional Fields
OECOINC  OE0140  Crd/Dbn Comments/Instructions
OECOINI  OE0160  Invoice Comments/Instructions
OECOINO  OE0180  Order Comments/Instructions
OECOINS  OE0190  Shipment Comments/Instructions
OECOMM  OE0200  Commissions
OECRDD  OE0220  Credit/Debit Details
OECRDDB  OE0223  Credit/Debit BOM Details
OECRDDD  OE0222  Credit/Debit Kitting Details
OECRDDDS  OE0224  Credit/Debit Kitting Serial Nos
OECRDDO  OE0221  Credit/Debit Detail Opt. Fields
OECRDH  OE0240  Credit/Debit Notes
OECRDHO  OE0242  Credit/Debit Note Opt. Fields
OEGLREF  OE0272  G/L Reference Integration
OEINPP  OE0278  Invoice Prepayments
OEINVD  OE0400  Invoice Details
OEINVDB  OE0403  Invoice BOM Details
OEINVDD  OE0402  Invoice Kitting Details
OEINVDDS  OE0404  Invoice Kitting Serial Numbers
OEINVDO  OE0401  Invoice Detail Optional Fields
OEINVH  OE0420  Invoices
OEINVHO  OE0422  Invoice Optional Fields
OEINVR  OE0427  Multiple Shipments to Invoice
OEMISC  OE0440  Miscellaneous Charges
OEMISCO  OE0450  Misc. Charge Optional Fields
OEMISCT  OE0460  Miscellaneous Charge Taxes
OEMSG  OE0465  E-mail Messages
OEOFD  OE0470  Optional Fields
OEOFH  OE0475  Optional Field Locations
OEOPT  OE0480  Options
OEORDD  OE0500  Order Details
OEORDDB  OE0503  Order BOM Details
OEORDDD  OE0502  Order Kitting Details
OEORDDDS  OE0504  Order Kitting Serial Numbers
OEORDDO  OE0501  Order Detail Optional Fields
OEORDH  OE0520  Orders
OEORDH1  OE0520  Orders
OEORDHO  OE0522  Order Optional Fields
OEORDQ  OE0526  Order from Quotes
OEORPP  OE0530  Order Prepayments
OEPLAT  OE0540  Templates
OEPPRE  OE0620  Posted Prepayments
OEPPRED  OE0622  Posting Journals - Details
OESELC  OE0640  Credit/Debit Serial Numbers
OESELI  OE0660  Invoice Serial Numbers
OESELO  OE0680  Order Serial Numbers
OESELS  OE0682  Shipment Serial Numbers
OESHCD  OE0683  Shipment Cost-To-Clear Details
OESHCDD  OE0688  Shipment Cost-To-Clear Details of Details
OESHCH  OE0684  Shipment Cost-To-Clear
OESHDT  OE0685  Sales History Details
OESHHD  OE0690  Sales History
OESHID  OE0691  Shipment Details
OESHIDB  OE0705  Shipment BOM Details
OESHIDD  OE0703  Shipment Kitting Details
OESHIDDS  OE0706  Shipment Kitting Serial Numbers
OESHIDO  OE0702  Shipment Detail Optional Fields
OESHIH  OE0692  Shipments
OESHIHO  OE0704  Shipment Optional Fields
OESHIR  OE0694  Multiple Orders to Shipment
OESHPP  OE0710  Shipment Prepayments
OESHTD  OE0697  Shipment Day End Details
OESHTDD  OE0699  Shipment Day End Details of Details
OESHTH  OE0698  Shipments Day End
OESTATS  OE0700  Sales Statistics
OETERMI  OE0720  Invoice Payment Schedules
OETERMO  OE0740  Order Payment Schedules
OETERMS  OE0745  Shipment Payment Schedules
OEVIA  OE0760  Ship-Via Codes

Objects: 21

Object  Protocol  Views

OECRD  SEQ8  OE0240, OE0220, OE0640, OE0140, OE0242, OE0221, OE0222, OE0224, OE0223
OEINV  SEQ10  OE0420, OE0400, OE0720, OE0160, OE0660, OE0427, OE0422, OE0401, OE0402, OE0404, OE0403
OEMISC  ORD2  OE0440, OE0460, OE0450
OEORD  SEQ10  OE0520, OE0500, OE0740, OE0180, OE0680, OE0526, OE0522, OE0501, OE0502, OE0504, OE0503
OESHI  SEQ10  OE0692, OE0691, OE0745, OE0190, OE0682, OE0694, OE0704, OE0702, OE0703, OE0706, OE0705

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