Table: Orders

Table: OEORDH1
View: OE0520
Record length: 668
Flags: A R 

Keys: 1

Title  Flags  Fields

Order Uniquifier Key  ORDUNIQ

Fields: 53

Field  Type  Title  Presentation 

ORDUNIQ  BCD*10.0  Order Uniquifier   
AUDTDATE  Date     
AUDTTIME  Time     
AUDTUSER  String*8     
AUDTORG  String*6     
AUTOTAXCAL  Boolean  Auto-Tax Calculation Status   
QUONUMBER  String*22  Originating Quote Number  Mask: %-22C
BILEMAIL  String*50  Bill-To E-mail   
BILPHONEC  String*30  Bill-To Contact Phone  Mask: (%-3C) %-3C-%-24C
BILFAXC  String*30  Bill-To Contact Fax  Mask: (%-3C) %-3C-%-24C
BILEMAILC  String*50  Bill-To Contact E-mail   
SHPEMAIL  String*50  Ship-To E-mail   
SHPPHONEC  String*30  Ship-To Contact Phone  Mask: (%-3C) %-3C-%-24C
SHPFAXC  String*30  Ship-To Contact Fax  Mask: (%-3C) %-3C-%-24C
SHPEMAILC  String*50  Ship-To Contact E-mail   
MULTIQUO  Boolean  Multiple Quotes  List: 2 entries
QUOS  Integer  Number of Quotes   
LASTSHINUM  String*22  Last Shipment Number  Mask: %-22C
NUMSHPMENT  Integer  Number of Shipments   
SHIPTRACK  String*36  Shipment Tracking Number   
VALUES  Long  Optional Fields   
FRMUNIQ  BCD*10.0  Predecessor Uniquifier   
FRMNUMBER  String*22  Predecessor Number  Mask: %-22C
ITEMDISTOT  BCD*10.3  Item Detail Discount Total   
MISCDISTOT  BCD*10.3  Misc. Charge Detail Discount Total   
OTRMETHOD  Integer  Auto-Calc. Tax Reporting Amounts   
OTRCURRNCY  String*3  Tax Reporting (TR) Currency  Mask: %-3N
OTRRATTYPE  String*2  TR Rate Type  Mask: %-2N
OTRRATDATE  Date  TR Rate Date   
OTRRATE  BCD*8.7  TR Rate   
OTRSPREAD  BCD*8.7  TR Spread   
OTRDATMTCH  Integer  TR Rate Date Matching   
OTRRATEOP  Integer  TR Rate Operator   
OTRRATOVER  Boolean  TR Rate Override Flag   
OTREAMNT1  BCD*10.3  TR Excluded Tax Amount 1   
OTREAMNT2  BCD*10.3  TR Excluded Tax Amount 2   
OTREAMNT3  BCD*10.3  TR Excluded Tax Amount 3   
OTREAMNT4  BCD*10.3  TR Excluded Tax Amount 4   
OTREAMNT5  BCD*10.3  TR Excluded Tax Amount 5   
OTRIAMNT1  BCD*10.3  TR Included Tax Amount 1   
OTRIAMNT2  BCD*10.3  TR Included Tax Amount 2   
OTRIAMNT3  BCD*10.3  TR Included Tax Amount 3   
OTRIAMNT4  BCD*10.3  TR Included Tax Amount 4   
OTRIAMNT5  BCD*10.3  TR Included Tax Amount 5   
DISAMTOVER  Boolean  Order Discount Amount Override   
JOBLINES  Long  Job Related Detail Lines   
LNINVABLE  Long  Invoiceable Detail Lines   
HASRTG  Boolean  Has Retainage  List: 2 entries
RTGTERMS  String*6  Retainage Terms  Mask: %-6N
RTGRATE  Integer  Retainage Exchange Rate  List: 2 entries
0=Use Original Document Exchange Rate
1=Use Current Exchange Rate
CUSACCTSET  String*6  Customer Account Set  Mask: %-6N
ENTEREDBY  String*8  Entered By  Mask: %-8N
PFSEGLEN  Integer  ePOS Segment Length   

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