View: Shipment Cost-To-Clear Details of Details

RotoID: OE0688
Protocol: Detail

Compositions: 1

RotoID  Tables  Title  DLL 

OE0683  OESHCD  Shipment Cost-To-Clear Details  OESHCD

Keys: 1

Title  Fields

Shipment Uniq/Detail Num/Detail  SHIUNIQ, DETAILNUM, COMPNUM

Fields: 8

Field  Index  Type  Title  Attributes  Presentation

SHIUNIQ  BCD*10.0  Shipment Uniquifier  E A K R   
DETAILNUM  Integer  Detail Number  E A K R   
COMPNUM  Long  Component Number  E A K R   
QTYSHIPPED  BCD*10.4  Quantity Shipped  E A   
SHIUNIT  String*10  Shipping Unit  E A   
UNITCONV  BCD*10.6  Shipment Unit Conversion  E A   
COST  BCD*10.3  Cost to Shp. Clr. Acct.  E A   
ACTUALCOST  BCD*10.3  Actual Cost to IC Ctl. Acct.  E A   

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