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AH0001  AHDBCFG  Database Configurate Information  AHDBCFG 
AH0002  AHEMPER  Employer Configurate Information  AHEMPER 
AH0003  AHEPEH  Employee Setup Header  AHEPEH  AH0004, AH0005, AH0006, AH0007, AH0008, AH0009, AH0010, AH0011, AH0013, AH0016
AH0004  AHEPED  Employee Setup Detail - Demographics  AHEPED  AH0003, AH0114, AH0115
AH0005  AHEPEC  Employee Setup Detail - Class  AHEPEC  AH0003, AH0105
AH0006  AHEPECC  Employee Setup Detail - Cost Center  AHEPECC  AH0003, AH0106
AH0007  AHEPEE  Employee Setup Detail - Earning  AHEPEE  AH0003, AH0107
AH0008  AHEPEDT  Employee Setup Detail - Deduction  AHEPEDT  AH0003, AH0108
AH0009  AHEPEA  Employee Setup Detail - Advance  AHEPEA  AH0003, AH0109
AH0010  AHEPEB  Employee Setup Detail - Benefit  AHEPEB  AH0003, AH0110
AH0011  AHEPEER  Employee Setup Detail - Expense Reimbursement  AHEPEER  AH0003, AH0111
AH0013  AHEPEAC  Employee Setup Detail - Accrual  AHEPEAC  AH0003, AH0113
AH0015  Sage Accpac HRMS Payroll Link Activation  AHINIT 
AH0016  AHEPESS  Employee Setup Detail - Shift Diff. Schedule  AHEPESS  AH0003, AH0116
AH0020  AHPROC  Process Result  AHPROC 
AH0030  AHOPT  Option Config Information  AHOPT 
AH0031  AHDRLST  HRMS Dropdown List Information  AHDRLST  AH0032
AH0032  AHDRLSTD  HRMS Dropdown List Detail Information  AHDRLSTD  AH0031
AH0034  AHSTACOD  Static Code  AHSTACOD 
AH0040  AHATTOHR  Absence Transactions To HR  AHATTOHR 
AH0105  AHEPECM  Employee Setup Class Code  AHEPECM  AH0005
AH0106  AHEPECCM  Employee Setup Segment Code  AHEPECCM  AH0006
AH0107  AHEPEEM  Employee Setup Earning - Distribution Code  AHEPEEM  AH0007
AH0108  AHEPEDTM  Employee Setup Deduction - Distribution Code  AHEPEDTM  AH0008
AH0109  AHEPEAM  Employee Setup Advance - Distribution Code  AHEPEAM  AH0009
AH0110  AHEPEBM  Employee Setup Benefit - Distribution Code  AHEPEBM  AH0010
AH0111  AHEPEERM  Employee Setup Expense Reimbursement - Distribution Code  AHEPEERM  AH0011
AH0113  AHEPEACM  Employee Setup Accrual - Distribution Code  AHEPEACM  AH0013
AH0114  AHEPEDCM  Employee Setup Demographics - Mapping  AHEPEDCM  AH0004
AH0115  AHEPEDRM  Employee Setup Demographics - Reverse Mapping  AHEPEDRM  AH0004
AH0116  AHEPESSM  Employee Setup Detail - Shift  AHEPESSM  AH0016

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AHATTOHR  AH0040  Absence Transactions To HR
AHDBCFG  AH0001  Database Configurate Information
AHDRLST  AH0031  HRMS Dropdown List Information
AHDRLSTD  AH0032  HRMS Dropdown List Detail Information
AHEMPER  AH0002  Employer Configurate Information
AHEPEA  AH0009  Employee Setup Detail - Advance
AHEPEAC  AH0013  Employee Setup Detail - Accrual
AHEPEACM  AH0113  Employee Setup Accrual - Distribution Code
AHEPEAM  AH0109  Employee Setup Advance - Distribution Code
AHEPEB  AH0010  Employee Setup Detail - Benefit
AHEPEBM  AH0110  Employee Setup Benefit - Distribution Code
AHEPEC  AH0005  Employee Setup Detail - Class
AHEPECC  AH0006  Employee Setup Detail - Cost Center
AHEPECCM  AH0106  Employee Setup Segment Code
AHEPECM  AH0105  Employee Setup Class Code
AHEPED  AH0004  Employee Setup Detail - Demographics
AHEPEDCM  AH0114  Employee Setup Demographics - Mapping
AHEPEDRM  AH0115  Employee Setup Demographics - Reverse Mapping
AHEPEDT  AH0008  Employee Setup Detail - Deduction
AHEPEDTM  AH0108  Employee Setup Deduction - Distribution Code
AHEPEE  AH0007  Employee Setup Detail - Earning
AHEPEEM  AH0107  Employee Setup Earning - Distribution Code
AHEPEER  AH0011  Employee Setup Detail - Expense Reimbursement
AHEPEERM  AH0111  Employee Setup Expense Reimbursement - Distribution Code
AHEPEH  AH0003  Employee Setup Header
AHEPESS  AH0016  Employee Setup Detail - Shift Diff. Schedule
AHEPESSM  AH0116  Employee Setup Detail - Shift
AHOPT  AH0030  Option Config Information
AHPROC  AH0020  Process Result
AHSTACOD  AH0034  Static Code

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