Table: Vendor Statistics

Table: APVSM
View: AP0019
Record length: 267
Flags: A R 

Keys: 1

Title  Flags  Fields

Vendor Statistics Key  VENDORID, CNTYR, CNTPERD

Fields: 37

Field  Type  Title  Presentation 

VENDORID  String*12  Vendor Number  Mask: %-12C
CNTYR  String*4  Year  Mask: %04D
CNTPERD  String*2  Period  Mask: %02D
AUDTDATE  Date     
AUDTTIME  Time     
AUDTUSER  String*8     
AUDTORG  String*6     
CNTINVC  BCD*3.0  Number of Invoices   
CNTCR  BCD*3.0  Number of Credit Notes   
CNTDR  BCD*3.0  Number of Debit Notes   
CNTPAYM  BCD*3.0  Number of Payments   
CNTDISC  BCD*3.0  Number of Discounts   
CNTLOST  BCD*3.0  Number of Discounts Lost   
CNTADJ  BCD*3.0  Number of Adjustments   
CNTINVCPD  BCD*3.0  Number of Paid Invoices   
CNTDTOPAY  BCD*3.0  Number of Days to Pay   
AMTINVCHC  BCD*10.3  Total Invoices in Func. Currency   
AMTCRHC  BCD*10.3  Total Credits in Func. Currency   
AMTDRHC  BCD*10.3  Total Debits in Func. Currency   
AMTPAYMHC  BCD*10.3  Total Payments in Func. Currency   
AMTDISCHC  BCD*10.3  Total Discounts in Func. Curr.   
AMTLOSTHC  BCD*10.3  Total Discounts Lost - Func. Curr.   
AMTADJHC  BCD*10.3  Total Adjustments in Func. Curr.   
AMTPURHC  BCD*10.3  Reserved   
AMTINVPDHC  BCD*10.3  Total Invoices Pd. in Func. Curr.   
AMTINVCTC  BCD*10.3  Total Invoices in Vend. Curr.   
AMTCRTC  BCD*10.3  Total Credits in Vend. Curr.   
AMTDRTC  BCD*10.3  Total Debits in Vend. Curr.   
AMTPAYMTC  BCD*10.3  Total Payments in Vend. Curr.   
AMTDISCTC  BCD*10.3  Total Discounts in Vend. Curr.   
AMTLOSTTC  BCD*10.3  Total Discounts Lost in Vend. Curr.   
AMTADJTC  BCD*10.3  Total Adjustments in Vend. Curr.   
AMTPURTC  BCD*10.3  Reserved   
AMTINPDTC  BCD*10.3  Total Invoices Pd. in Vend. Curr.   
AMTBLRVLTC  BCD*10.3  Revaluation Bal. in Vend. Curr.   
CNTPUR  BCD*3.0  Reserved   
AVGDAYSPAY  BCD*5.1  Average Days to Pay   

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