Table: Payment G/L Distributions

Table: APTRK
View: AP0037
Record length: 1236
Flags: A R 

Keys: 2

Title  Flags  Fields


Fields: 125

Field  Type  Title  Presentation 

IDBANK  String*8  Bank Code  Mask: %-8N
CNTBTCH  BCD*5.0  Batch Number   
CNTENTRY  BCD*4.0  Entry Number   
CNTLINE  BCD*3.0  Line Number   
CNTSEQ  BCD*3.0  Sequence No.   
AUDTDATE  Date     
AUDTTIME  Time     
AUDTUSER  String*8     
AUDTORG  String*6     
IDVEND  String*12  Vendor Number  Mask: %-12C
IDINVC  String*22  Document Number  Mask: %-22C
CNTPAYM  BCD*3.0  Payment Number   
IDRMIT  String*12  Check Number  Mask: %-12D
TRXTYPE  Integer  Document Type   
CNTSEQOBP  BCD*3.0  Applied Payment Sequence No.   
DATEBTCH  Date  Batch Date   
AMTDISTTC  BCD*10.3  Vend. Distributed Amount   
AMTDISTHC  BCD*10.3  Func. Distributed Amount   
IDDISTCODE  String*6  Distribution Code  Mask: %-6N
IDACCT  String*45  G/L Account  Mask: %-45C
TEXTGLREF  String*60  G/L Reference   
TEXTGLDESC  String*60  G/L Description   
CNTADJREF  BCD*5.0  Adjustment Number   
LONGSERIAL  Long  Check Serial Number   
TAXCLASS1  Integer  Tax Class 1   
TAXCLASS2  Integer  Tax Class 2   
TAXCLASS3  Integer  Tax Class 3   
TAXCLASS4  Integer  Tax Class 4   
TAXCLASS5  Integer  Tax Class 5   
SWTAXINCL1  Integer  Tax Included 1  List: 2 entries
SWTAXINCL2  Integer  Tax Included 2  List: 2 entries
SWTAXINCL3  Integer  Tax Included 3  List: 2 entries
SWTAXINCL4  Integer  Tax Included 4  List: 2 entries
SWTAXINCL5  Integer  Tax Included 5  List: 2 entries
TXBSE1TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Base 1   
TXBSE2TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Base 2   
TXBSE3TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Base 3   
TXBSE4TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Base 4   
TXBSE5TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Base 5   
RATETAX1  BCD*8.5  Tax Rate 1   
RATETAX2  BCD*8.5  Tax Rate 2   
RATETAX3  BCD*8.5  Tax Rate 3   
RATETAX4  BCD*8.5  Tax Rate 4   
RATETAX5  BCD*8.5  Tax Rate 5   
TXAMT1TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Amount 1   
TXAMT2TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Amount 2   
TXAMT3TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Amount 3   
TXAMT4TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Amount 4   
TXAMT5TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Amount 5   
TXTOTTC  BCD*10.3  Tax Total   
AMTNETTC  BCD*10.3  Dist. Amount Net of Taxes   
AMTNETHC  BCD*10.3  Func. Dist. Amount Net of Taxes   
TXALLTC  BCD*10.3  Tax Allocated Total   
TXALL1TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Allocated Amount 1   
TXALL2TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Allocated Amount 2   
TXALL3TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Allocated Amount 3   
TXALL4TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Allocated Amount 4   
TXALL5TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Allocated Amount 5   
TXREC1TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Recoverable 1   
TXREC2TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Recoverable 2   
TXREC3TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Recoverable 3   
TXREC4TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Recoverable 4   
TXREC5TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Recoverable 5   
TXEXP1TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Expensed 1   
TXEXP2TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Expensed 2   
TXEXP3TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Expensed 3   
TXEXP4TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Expensed 4   
TXEXP5TC  BCD*10.3  Tax Expensed 5   
TXAMT1RC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Amount 1   
TXAMT2RC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Amount 2   
TXAMT3RC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Amount 3   
TXAMT4RC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Amount 4   
TXAMT5RC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Amount 5   
TXTOTRC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Total   
TXALLRC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Allocated Amount   
TXREC1RC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Recoverable Amt 1   
TXREC2RC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Recoverable Amt 2   
TXREC3RC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Recoverable Amt 3   
TXREC4RC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Recoverable Amt 4   
TXREC5RC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Recoverable Amt 5   
TXEXP1RC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Expensed Amount 1   
TXEXP2RC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Expensed Amount 2   
TXEXP3RC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Expensed Amount 3   
TXEXP4RC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Expensed Amount 4   
TXEXP5RC  BCD*10.3  Tax Reporting Expensed Amount 5   
TXBSE1HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Base 1   
TXBSE2HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Base 2   
TXBSE3HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Base 3   
TXBSE4HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Base 4   
TXBSE5HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Base 5   
TXAMT1HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Amount 1   
TXAMT2HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Amount 2   
TXAMT3HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Amount 3   
TXAMT4HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Amount 4   
TXAMT5HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Amount 5   
TXALLHC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Allocated Total   
TXALL1HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Allocated Amount 1   
TXALL2HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Allocated Amount 2   
TXALL3HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Allocated Amount 3   
TXALL4HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Allocated Amount 4   
TXALL5HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Allocated Amount 5   
TXREC1HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Recoverable 1   
TXREC2HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Recoverable 2   
TXREC3HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Recoverable 3   
TXREC4HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Recoverable 4   
TXREC5HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Recoverable 5   
TXEXP1HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Expensed 1   
TXEXP2HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Expensed 2   
TXEXP3HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Expensed 3   
TXEXP4HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Expensed 4   
TXEXP5HC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Expensed 5   
TXTOTHC  BCD*10.3  Func. Tax Total   
CONTRACT  String*16  Contract Code  Mask: %-16C
PROJECT  String*16  Project Code  Mask: %-16N
CATEGORY  String*16  Category Code  Mask: %-16N
RESOURCE  String*24  Project/Category Resource  Mask: %-16N
COSTCLASS  Integer  Cost Class  List: 7 entries
BILLTYPE  Integer  Billing Type  List: 4 entries
3=No Charge
IDITEM  String*16  Item Number  Mask: %-16C
UNITMEAS  String*10  Unit of Measure  Mask: %-10C
QTYINVC  BCD*10.5  Quantity   
AMTCOST  BCD*10.6  Cost   
BILLDATE  Date  Billing Date   
BILLRATE  BCD*10.6  Billing Rate   
BILLCURN  String*3  Billing Currency  Mask: %-3N

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