Table: Integration Options

Table: APP04
View: AP0004
Record length: 94
Flags: A R 

Keys: 1

Title  Flags  Fields

Integration Options Key  RECID04

Fields: 28

Field  Type  Title  Presentation 

RECID04  String*6  Options Record Key  Mask: %-6N
AUDTDATE  Date     
AUDTTIME  Time     
AUDTUSER  String*8     
AUDTORG  String*6     
DATELASTMN  Date  Date Last Maintained   
SESSNBR  BCD*5.0  Reserved   
SWGLPSTDFR  Integer  Defer G/L Transactions  List: 2 entries
0=During Posting
1=On Request Using Create G/L Batch Icon
SWGLAPDBTH  Integer  Create G/L Transactions By  List: 3 entries
1=Adding to an Existing Batch
0=Creating a New Batch
2=Creating and Posting a New Batch
SWGLPSTCON  Integer  Consolidate G/L Transactions  List: 3 entries
0=Do Not Consolidate
1=Consolidate by Post Seq., Account and Fiscal Period
2=Consolidate by Post Seq., Account, Fiscal Period and Source
CODEGLREF  Integer  RESERVED: G/L Reference Field   
CODEGLDESC  Integer  RESERVED: G/L Description Field   
CNTLASPAYM  BCD*5.0  Last Payment Posting Seq. to G/L   
CNTLASINVC  BCD*5.0  Last Invoice Posting Seq. to G/L   
CNTLASRVAL  BCD*5.0  Last Reval. Posting Seq. to G/L   
CNTLASADJM  BCD*5.0  Last Adj. Posting Seq. to G/L   
SRCTYPEIN  String*2  G/L Src code - Invoice  Mask: %-2N
SRCTYPEDB  String*2  G/L Src code - Debit Note  Mask: %-2N
SRCTYPECR  String*2  G/L Src code - Credit Note  Mask: %-2N
SRCTYPEIT  String*2  G/L Src code - Interest  Mask: %-2N
SRCTYPEPY  String*2  G/L Src code - Payment  Mask: %-2N
SRCTYPEED  String*2  G/L Src code - Discount  Mask: %-2N
SRCTYPEGL  String*2  G/L Src code - Revaluation  Mask: %-2N
SRCTYPEAD  String*2  G/L Src code - Adjustment  Mask: %-2N
SRCTYPECO  String*2  G/L Src code - Consolidation  Mask: %-2N
SRCTYPEPI  String*2  G/L Src code - Prepayment  Mask: %-2N
SRCTYPERD  String*2  G/L Src code - Rounding  Mask: %-2N
SRCTYPEPYR  String*2  G/L Src code - Payment Reversal  Mask: %-2N

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