Table: Payment and Aging Options

Table: APP03
View: AP0003
Record length: 302
Flags: A R 

Keys: 1

Title  Flags  Fields

Payment and Aging Options Key  RECID03

Fields: 71

Field  Type  Title  Presentation 

RECID03  String*6  Options Record Key  Mask: %-6N
AUDTDATE  Date     
AUDTTIME  Time     
AUDTUSER  String*8     
AUDTORG  String*6     
DATELASTMN  Date  Date Last Maintained   
DRCTBTCH  BCD*5.0  Next Payment Batch Number   
MANLBTCH  BCD*5.0  Reserved   
ADJBTCH  BCD*5.0  Next Adjustment Batch Number   
ADJTRX  BCD*5.0  Reserved   
PAYMRUN  BCD*5.0  Reserved   
SWCHKPRNT  Integer  Reserved   
SWDOCORDR  Integer  Default Order of Open Documents  List: 6 entries
1= Document Number
2= PO Number
3= Due Date
4= Order Number
5= Document Date
6= Current Balance
SWPAYMBANK  Integer  Reserved   
AGINPRD1  BCD*3.0  Aging Period 1   
AGINPRD2  BCD*3.0  Aging Period 2   
AGINPRD3  BCD*3.0  Aging Period 3   
SWAGECR  Integer  Age Credit Notes & Debit Notes  List: 2 entries
1= As Current
2= By Date
DTPREREG  Date  Date Last Preregistered   
TMPREREG  Time  Time Last Preregistered   
DTDRCTCHK  Date  Date Last Direct Check   
TMDRCTCHK  Time  Time Last Direct Check   
DTSYSCHK  Date  Date Last Sys. Check   
TMSYSCHK  Time  Time Last Sys. Check   
SWSYSBTCH  Integer  Allow Edit of System Batches  List: 2 entries
SWFORCREG  Integer  Reserved   
IDDFLTBANK  String*8  Default Bank Code  Mask: %-8N
DFLTRATE  String*2  Reserved   
PAYMCODE  String*12  Payment Code  Mask: %-12N
CNTPPDBTCH  BCD*5.0  Next Prepayment Number   
CNTSYSBTCH  BCD*5.0  Reserved   
CNTNXTPAYM  BCD*5.0  Next Payment Posting Sequence   
CNTNXTADJM  BCD*5.0  Next Adjustment Posting Sequence   
SWPAYMBTCH  Integer  Allow Adjustments in Payment Batch  List: 2 entries
PPDPREFIX  String*6  Prepayment Prefix  Mask: %-6C
PPDPFXLEN  BCD*2.0  Prepayment Number Length   
SWAGEUAPL  Integer  Age Unapplied Cash & Prepayments  List: 2 entries
1= As Current
2= By Date
CNTNXTUAPL  BCD*5.0  Reserved   
ADPFX  String*6  Adjustment Prefix  Mask: %-6C
ADPFXLEN  BCD*2.0  Adjustment Number Length   
ADNEXTSEQ  BCD*5.0  Next Adjustment Number   
RPPFX  String*6  Recurring Payable Prefix  Mask: %-6C
RPPFXLEN  BCD*2.0  Recurring Payable Number Length   
RPNEXTSEQ  BCD*5.0  Next Recurring Payable Number   
RMITTYPE  Integer  Default Transaction Type  List: 4 entries
3=Apply Document
4=Misc. Payment
PYPFX  String*6  Payment Prefix  Mask: %-6C
PYPFXLEN  BCD*2.0  Payment Number Length   
PYNEXTSEQ  BCD*5.0  Next Payment Number   
RIPFX  String*6  Retainage Invoice Prefix  Mask: %-6C
RIPFXLEN  BCD*2.0  Retainage Invoice Number Length   
RINEXTSEQ  BCD*5.0  Next Retainage Invoice Number   
RCPFX  String*6  Retainage Credit Note Prefix  Mask: %-6C
RCPFXLEN  BCD*2.0  Retainage Credit Note No. Length   
RCNEXTSEQ  BCD*5.0  Next Retainage Credit Note No.   
RDPFX  String*6  Retainage Debit Note Prefix  Mask: %-6C
RDPFXLEN  BCD*2.0  Retainage Debit Note No. Length   
RDNEXTSEQ  BCD*5.0  Next Retainage Debit Note No.   
SWRTG  Integer  Use Retainage  List: 2 entries
SWRTGBASE  Integer  Retainage Base  List: 2 entries
0=Document Total After Taxes
1=Document Total Before Taxes
RTGSCHDKEY  String*12  Retainage Schedule  Mask: %-12N
RTGSCHDLNK  BCD*10.0  Retainage Schedule Link   
RTGLASTRUN  Date  Date Retainage Sched. Last Run   
RTGDAYS  Integer  Days Retained   
RTGPERCENT  BCD*5.5  Percent Retained   
RTGADVDAYS  Integer  Days Before Retainage Due   
SWRTGRATE  Integer  Retainage Exchange Rate  List: 2 entries
0=Use Original Document Exchange Rate
1=Use Current Exchange Rate
SWTXRTGRPT  Integer  Report Retainage Tax  List: 2 entries
0=At Time of Original Document
1=As Per Tax Authority
SWCHNGRMIT  Integer  Allow Edit of Remit-To Info.  List: 2 entries
SWCHKDUP  Integer  Check for Duplicate Checks  List: 3 entries
SWSHPYPND  Integer  Include Pending Transactions  List: 4 entries
2=Payments and Adjustments
3=All Transactions
SWDATEBUS  Integer  Default Posting Date  List: 3 entries
0=Document Date
1=Batch Date
2=Session Date

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